Belarus Winner 2018, Minsk 09/18 Print

Belarus Winner 2018
2*CACIB international show

08.09.2018 – International CACIB show
09.09.2018 – International CACIB show

Minsk, Belarus

Starts: 06.09.2018 at 20:30 Helsinki - Ends 10.09.2018 at 12:30 Helsinki.

06.09. On Thursday evening at 20:30 the bus will pick up passengers up from the buses parking area next to the Helsinki Länsiterminaali car parking lot. It takes about 1hour to pack. The Tallink ship leaves at 22:30 to Tallinn. At 00:30 will the ship arrive at Tallinn D-Terminal and we will continue our journey to Minsk. On the boat trip dogs will stay in the bus. When we arrive at Tallinn we will meet with a vet who will give you the stamps and also echinococcus treatment (1-5days before) for returnig back to Finland. We will drive the entire night.
07.09. In the morning we will arrive in Vilnius, where there is a morning stop at the Statoil gas station. After that we will continue to the border of Belarus. We will arrive at Minsk Hotel on Friday around 2-4PM depending how long it will take. 
08.09. After breakfast the bus will take you to the show place.
09.09. After breakfast the bus will take you to the show place. Returning back to finland will start after BIS shows. Then we wisit the Shopping Center. We will spend the night on the bus.
10.09. We will arrive back in Tallinn on Monday morning about 08-10AM. Tallink ship leaves at 10:30 and we will arrive back in Helsinki at 12:30!

Trip Price: 480.-  
The price includes:
- 1 passenger journey  
- 1 dog cage place on the bus max 107cm long 
- 2 nights in a 3* hotel with breakfast in double rooms
- 1 dog hotel fee
- Belarussian group visa
- Tallink ship tickets for a passenger and a dog from Helsinki to Tallinn and Tallinn to Helsinki

For additional fee:
- additional dog in the same cage 55.- 
- additional dog in a max. 55cm high cage 65.- 
- additional dog in a max. 93cm long cage 85.- 
- additional dog in a max 107cm long cage 100.- 
- Single room, 2 nights, 80.- 
- Extra charge for <124cm cage (first cage) 40.- . The bus can accommodate a limited number of big cages!
- Dog cabin on a boat trip, 45.- /direction plus dog fee 13.- /dog/direction.

Tour Leaders: Katre/.../...

Rent cages: 

Important info:
- Each passenger has a bus seat pairs.
- Longer than 93cm cage must have a side door!

- Cages that come in the bus must be metal cages. There is a possibility that other cages might go ontop of yor cage, so the cage must be strong!

- You can leave your car at Länsiterminaal for long-term parking. You can pay for it here!
- During the bus trip there is no collecting additional charges, the invoice price is final. Dog hotel rates are already included in the invoice, including the additional dogs.
- In order to travel to Minsk we need an original passport visa for each passenger. During the period from 15th of August to 06th of September 2018 all passports must be with us. You will recive your passport when you get on the bus. If you need to travel during that time, please use a different ID, because we can not return return the passport during that time.

Passport delivery for Belarus visa:
Detailsed info here.


Sertes are awarded in each class by a judge's decision!
Lists for Sat 08.09. and Sun 09.09.

Time   First dog Second and more dogs with the same owner  Baby, puppy, veteran Additional shows
... 10.08.2018 First show
Second show
....- 10.08.2018 First show
Second show
Class change

Registrations for the dog shows is handled through us. Please send us following documents electronically:
- completed registration form - one form for two shows!
- registration certificate
- champion certificate, if taking part of champion show 
Registration form for show - PDF or DOC!
Registration form for additional competitions!

Belorussian champion confirmation!
On the site confirmation can be made and every traveler can do it them self. Price 25.- 

Veterinarian demands!
- Dog rabies vaccination must be max 1 year old!
Dog does not need leptospirosin vaccination.
- Dog does not need the rabies anti-body test.
- Dogs 
echinococcus treatment before returning to Finland - An Estonian Vet will be waiting for us and will do the echinococcus treatment. 

Book a place for our bus trip here or send us an email at!

MiliaM Travel
+372 53444693 or +358 401313293 Maili

Show place: 
Horses sports maneezi. Indoor shows. 

VIDEO of rings!
VIDEO  of BIS rings! 


ApartmentHotel COMFORT: 
- renovated apartment, 38m2 - 58m2.
- free WIFI
- WC and shower in rooms. 
The showerheads are removable so you can wash your dog.
- all rooms have kitchen corner with sink, microwave oven, kettle and refrigerator.  
- elevator
- The show place at Ratomkaan 17km away, 30-45min drive with bus. 
- ATM. 
- small grocery store nearby (150m).
- restaurant in the adjacent house (50m). Was opened in 2017 spring. 
- Shopping centre OutletMall 900m, open 9-23 every day. Look following! 

Shopping centre Outlet Mall
- 900m from the hotel. 
- open everyday from 10-22

There is also a grocery store

Miliam Travel O,  Kase 2-19, Tabasalu, Harjumaa 76901