Liettua Tulosta

Liettuan uudet valioutumissäännöt voimassa 30.11.2013 alkaen!

Vastaukset kysymyksiin:
1. From what date the new rules are valid?
Vastaus: 1. The new rules on LT JCH and LT VCH titles confirmation for non-LKD members are valid since 2013 11 30 with the transition period when both championship confirmation ways could have been applied. 
Finnish kennel club was asked to inform it's members about this change. December was a month of the rules transition when both ways of LT JCH and LT VCH confirmations were valid.

2. If the JN/VN has recieved earlier that date - will the LTJCH/LTVCH be confirmed by old rules??
Vastaus: The Lithuanian Kennel Club has decided to confirm the championships if JN/ VN title and diplomas of EE or LV junior/veteran titles were obtained before 2013 11 30.

3. But in case the JN/VN has obtained before 30.11.2013 but LV/EE J/V CH has confirmed later then you still not confirm with 1 that earlier obtained JN/VN? 
Vastaus: no, in this case we would not confirm the title.

SIMPLIFICATION: dogs which receive 3 CAC certificates in international dog shows in Moletai („Aukštaitija summer’2014”, „Baltic winner’2014” and „Molėtai Cup’2014”) may be granted for Lithuanian champion.

1. Is this working also for dogs under 2years old and not ch of own-country? So from intermedia class if the dog if recieves 3xcac will come LTCH too? 
Yes, the general requirements are - at least two full generations in the FCI certified pedigree (as it is required for all dogs) and 3 CAC in Moletai shows 2014.

2. Can this simplification apply also later? 
 Yes it may be applied later.

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