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MiliaM Travel OÜ
Kase 2-19, Tabasalu, Harjumaa 76901 ESTONIA

Mob: +372 53444 693

Skype: miliam1 11574773
VAT: no VAT-liability
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Tour operator, Director:
Maili Madrus
Mob. +358401313293

Mob. +37253444693
Speaks and writes in Estonian, English, Finnish and Russian!
Organizing dog travels since 2003!
I own a boxer Idelia Denburg "Deelia", s.nov.2014
I owned a boxer Deklarus "Saily" 1999-2011!
Tour guide:
Tour guide:

Tour guide:

Trips are made using our own MiliaM Reisid buses.

Miliam Travel O,  Kase 2-19, Tabasalu, Harjumaa 76901