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Welcome to our webiste!

MiliaM Travel is Estonian tour-operator who has orgnized the bus-trips to dog-shows all over the Europe now for 12 years, since year 2002!

We make a lot of trips to russian-speaking countries - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine. Our tour leader speaks russian so for client who does not speak the language is bus-tour with us the safest way to travel to those countries. Also in the show-ground we provide all kind of help with rings-scedules and translation of the dogs descriptions. We also take care of the Championship confirmations of countries and send to you the confirmation to your home-adress.

Out trips starts from Tallinn, Estonia or from Helsinki, Finland. Dogs travel in the bus in metallic cages or plastic boxes. Usually everbody has its own cage but it is possible also to rent metalloc cage also from us. We take care of your dogs registration to the show, we organize visas, hotels and all necessary veterinary travel-documents what is demanded from destination country.

Every person has in the bus twin seatpair. Dogs cage-place is in the salonge of the bus where left side of seats has been removed off to get free floorspace for dogs cages. So in most of the cases you can sit righ next to the dog. 

If you come to Tallinn with Stockholm-Tallinn ferry, we can provide to you hotel right next to the Tallink ferry-D-terminal! In our trips has already been travelled some dachund-people from Denmark, salukis from North Norway! You are welcome to join us!

You are very welcome to join with us! Look our trip calendar here!

You and your dog are very welcome!

Maili Madrus
Travel Operator

MiliaM Travel


Miliam Travel O,  Kase 2-19, Tabasalu, Harjumaa 76901